Mother Who Poisoned Son To Avoid Going To Syria Faces Jail Time

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Lehigh Valley Health Network / NBC News

Most parents can agree that they would do anything to ensure the well-being of their kids. But what if that "anything" may actually be worse than the exact thing a parent is trying to keep their child safe from?

A mother's attempt to save her young boy took a twisted turn when she tried to poison her son to avoid them traveling to Syria with her jihadi husband.

In 2015, three sisters from the UK traveled to Syria with their young children without their husbands knowing.

These nine children and their mothers were believed to be on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, but they did not return.

Their relatives were convinced that they boarded a flight from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, which is a common route to Syria.

A mother from London had the complete opposite idea - she wanted to make sure her son would never step foot in Syria.

The steps she took to avoid that trip to keep her son safe led him to nearly die, and when hospital staff realized what she was doing, they took matters into their own hands.

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