Mother Loses All Her Limbs Because Of A Hospital's Mistake

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A routine surgery which was supposed to require only an overnight stay went horribly wrong and resulted in a mother of three losing all of her limbs.

Adrienne Harris was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and was advised to have surgery to remove her fallopian tube. This surgery is fairly unmemorable and is carried out by doctors all the time.

Adrienne was told she would have to spend the night in the hospital and would be well enough to return to her children by the next day.

But a horrible, preventable mistake meant her life would never be the same after that night. During the surgery, a young doctor left a small hole in her bowel. It went unnoticed by the surgical team and she was stitched back up.

By the time the hospital realized something was horribly wrong, two days had passed and Adrienne was suffering from a serious case of sepsis.

Near death, she stayed in the hospital as gangrene attacked her limbs, turning them black. In order to save her life, doctors were forced to amputate all her limbs; her hands, one leg below the knee and another above the knee.

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