Model Has Second Leg Amputated Following The Pain Of Toxic Shock Syndrome

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A 29-year-old model who had lost her right leg to toxic shock syndrome (TSS), has undergone surgery to amputate her other limb.

Laura Wasser said she planned to undergo the operation this past December as she still had to deal with the excruciating pain of her condition.

Wasser caught the life-threatening condition in 2012 while on her period. She was found unconscious in her apartment after her mother called the police to conduct a welfare check, and was rushed to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered Wasser had suffered a heart attack and her organs were failing. Both her legs were affected by gangrene, and needed to be amputated.

According to Today, when Wasser woke up from her medically induced coma, doctors recommended amputating both of her legs, but she decided to save her left leg, and remove her toes.

TSS is caused by toxins from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, which has been linked to tampon use, and still affects about one in 100,000 women every year.

“I have a golden leg that I am completely proud of, but my left foot has an open ulcer, no heel and no toes. Over the years, my body has produced a lot of calcium, which causes my bones to grow on that foot," Wasser wrote in an InStyle essay. "Basically, my brain is telling my toes to grow back — and it got to the point where I need surgery to shave the bones down because it becomes too unbearable to walk.”

Now Wasser's revealed she has had her other leg amputated to lessen her pain.

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