Meryl Streep Had The Perfect Solution To Steven Spielberg's Ghostly Troubles

They're two of the biggest names in film, but actress Meryl Streep and director Steven Spielberg have only ever worked together twice during their decades-long careers.

The celebrated filmmaker enlisted the Oscar-winning actress's help back in 2000 for the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Streep did some voice work for the movie, which only took a day to complete.

The pair recently reunited for the film The Post, which tells the story of a publisher and editor trying to expose a cover-up of government secrets.

While promoting the new movie, Streep, 68, sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and shared a weird but interesting story about the first time she worked with Spielberg, 71.

It may sound like a scene taken out of a movie, but Streep had to refer a ghostbuster to Spielberg. I wish I was kidding.

So why did she have to do it?

Streep met Spielberg at his Long Island mansion to record her dialogue for A.I. Artificial Intelligence, but at one point the conversation took a turn, and the colleagues started talking about a spooky topic: Spielberg's haunted home.

"Most of the time we talked about how his property was haunted and did I know anybody who did exorcisms?" Streep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Turns out, she knew the perfect person who could help Spielberg rid his home of the unwelcome guest. She ended up recommending a priest, who was well-versed in performing exorcisms, to fix the problem.


When Streep first mentioned Spielberg's spooky dilemma, she didn't confirm whether or not, the exorcism worked. However, in a more recent interview with Metro, she said that "everything is clear down there now."

Helping someone with a ghostly problem does get you on their good side, so Streep and Spielberg have remained friends ever since.

Streep has a collection of wild stories, including the time when she and Cher fought off an attacker in the streets of New York City, so we're sure there are a lot more stories from the set of The Post that Streep will share in due time.