After Going Through Menopause At Age 11, Woman Is Now Pregnant With "Miracle" Baby

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Going through menopause can be an awful experience. From the hot flashes, to the cramping, pain and discomfort, it's something that every woman will have to deal with at some point in her life.

For Amanda Lewis, she wasn't expecting to experience this natural change for many decades when she was faced with menopause before she even hit her teenage years.

When she was only 11-year-old, Amanda's weight began to spiral and she started to experience some extreme mood swings, something not uncommon with puberty.


We all remember the ups and downs at that age, and while it was extreme for some, it was worse for Amanda.

"The biggest thing was the weight gain and my mood swings. I went from a size 8 to 18 in a matter of months and then I just started getting down," she said.

Until one day her mother found her sobbing in her room and she knew she had to do something.

"I was so emotional she just didn’t know what to do with me. Worried sick, she dragged me to see the doctor the next day," Amanda said.


It wasn't until six months later that doctors realized that she wasn't going through typical puberty. Evidence in her blood work revealed that she was going through premature menopause, decades before most women start to experience the symptoms.

"I’d already gone through the menopause, even though I’d barely even started my periods," she said.

She was put on a regiment of medication and that introduced new struggles for the pre-teen.

"I went on a mixture of HRT and the pill, they chopped and changed me because I had side effects on one then the other, and that has been on and off since basically," she said.

The hardest part about her condition was the fact that she would not be able to become pregnant.

“I was still only 13 and too young to understand what the doctors were saying. But one thing did stick in my mind – I would never have a family. Even at that age I was devastated," she revealed.

That's when she met her other half, Tom.

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