The Golden Arches Of McDonald's Has A Secret Sexual Meaning That Will Make You Shake Your Head


When I see the golden arches, I see just that, golden arches or a giant M. Apparently my mind is a lot less "in the gutter," than others, because the golden arches supposedly has another meaning that is quite scandalous.

McDonald's was almost convinced to remove the arches as their logo in the 1960s because of a dirty minded designer.

Louis Cheskin, a design consultant that McDonald's hired, pointed out to the company that the giant M, also resembled a giant pair of breasts.

McDonald's instantly became fearful that their "family" brand would be severely hurt if Cheskin wasn't the only one that saw their logo as sexual. They began to discuss re-branding to remove the golden aches.

That's when Cheskin tried to convince them it was actually a good thing. Cheskin convinced McDonald's that the arches symbolized “mother McDonald’s breasts.” Meaning that the arches symbolized McDonald's breasts, and it made the customers feel comfortable with the brand.

He said that this “maternal” aspect of the logo supposedly subconsciously encouraged people to eat McDonald’s rather than a home-cooked meal.

Cheskin was supposedly a huge fan of Sigmund Freud which kind of explains his far-out theory. If you don't know much about Freud, he was the founder of psychoanalysis and is most famous for looking at the psychology of sex, and people find some of his views kind of twisted too.

Obviously, Cheskin's crazy explanation worked, because McDonald's kept the golden arches in the 60s, and still has them to this day.

This entire theory was discussed in the book, Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.

Do you think this theory is true? And more importantly, am I the only one that doesn't see a pair of boobs in the arches?