Chef Mario Batali Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Four Women

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In what is being deemed the Year of Women, another celebrity has been accused of sexual misconduct. Four women have come forward with the allegations, and they've described Batali's behavior.

One woman recalls Batali "just giving me this provocative, icky feeling" after she went up to talk to him at an event. The famous chef had been drinking, and the young woman began to get uncomfortable.

“Come work for me, I’ll pay you double what you’re making," Batali told the woman. Moments later, someone bumped into her and spilled wine all over her chest. Batali allegedly began rubbing her breasts with his bare hands, while saying "let me help you with that".

“He just went to town, and I was so shocked,” the chef says. “Jaw on the ground, I just stepped back from him in utter disgust and walked away.”


Other women, all of whom were former employees, have also come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior by The Chew co-host. One women claims Batali would repeatedly grab her from behind and hold her tightly to his body. Another alleges that Batali would repeatedly grope her and then asked her to straddle him. A fourth woman claims that Batali grabbed her breasts at a party.

Though this misconduct has been ongoing for over a decade, according to accusers, Batali's first official complaint against him was filed in October 2017. A spokesperson for Batali & Bastianich (B&B) Hospitality Group says Batali was reprimanded and underwent sensitivity training as punishment.

Now, with all the allegations coming to light, Batali has released a statement the verity of these allegations.

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