Man Sentenced To Jail For Sending Prostitutes To His Neighbor's House For Over 3 Years

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This is truly as strange as it sounds. 45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry was recently sentenced to four years in prison for continually ordering prostitutes to his neighbors house in secret. Goldsberry would watch the situations unfold from the privacy of his own kitchen, communicating with the prostitutes via text message, while he pleasured himself.

Long Room

His neighbors were a married couple in their 30s, who also had two young sons. The continual barrage of hookers to their front door scared them enough to finally call police. They estimate that girls would show up on their front door and strip, up to 30 times a year. The girls, and their pimps would then start knocking on the door demanding payment.

You might be wondering how this charade was able to go on for so long before someone realized what was going on. Well, Goldsberry was booking the escorts using a service called Backpage, a website that sometimes promotes advertisements for escorts and other "adult" services. When police finally started investigating this insane scenario, they traced all of the orders back to Goldsberry's phone.

Douglas Goldsberry is one sick puppy...

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