Man Lives In Sandcastle To Avoid Paying Rent

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A Brazilian man has been living in a sandcastle for 22 years in an effort to avoid paying rent.

Marcio Mizael Matolias, 44, surrounds his castle with books, golf clubs, and fishing poles on the beach of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"I grew up in the Bay of Guanabara, I always lived on the beach," Matolias said. "I have become a sort of tourist attraction."

"People pay exorbitant rents to live in front of the sea, I do not have bills and here I have a good life," he added.

According to the Daily Mail, while Matolias has a beautiful view of the immersive beach, his house is more of a humble abode, spanning just three square meters.

Despite the tiny space, Matolias has claimed he lives a life fit for a king.

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