Man Faces 15 Years In Prison After Using iPhone To Catch Cheating Wife


A New Jersey man is facing significant jail time after he used his iPhone to catch his wife cheating.

Florist Sean Donis, 37, has been charged with unlawful surveillance after he caught his partner in bed with her boss with the Find My iPhone app.

"I feel like it’s unjust what they’re doing to me,” Donis told the New York Post. “It’s like I’m being punished twice."

Donis allegedly went on a "reign of terror," frightening his wife Nancy, and her lover, Albert Lopez.

The cuckold stumbled upon the two lovebirds while he was searching for his wife's missing iPad which led him to Lopez's house.

"I was in fear," Albert Lopez said of the April 2016 incident during Donis's trial. "I kept telling him you need to get out of here."

Donis had recorded the interrupted tryst, where he is heard shouting, "I can’t believe you, Nancy!"

"All on video! Both of you motherf*ckers are fired tomorrow," Donis screamed at Lopez, who is the CEO of Gotham City Orthopedics in Clifton, while his wife works as the company's billing manager.

Lopez claims Donis threatened him on Facebook, including "Bring it, bro" and "Slept with my wife. Good one f*ggot.”

"I couldn’t go to sleep. I had repeated memories of what occurred. I started to go through the house and check all the doors and make sure they were locked," Lopez said.

Prosecutors said Donis sent the video to his wife's family, but not before he threatened Lopez with violence.

However, Donis's lawyer, Howard Greenberg, argued his client actually "deserves a medal" as opposed to a prison sentence, as he didn't harm his love rival when he discovered the infidelity.

"The defendant should be given a medal for the amount of restraint he showed when he entered that scene," Greenberg said.

"He commits a trespass that in a sane jurisdiction is a violation and not a crime, and he uncovers the greater evil of his wife screwing some stranger," the lawyer continued. "No jury is going to convict this man of anything, let alone a felony."

Shortly after the incident, Donis's wife filed for divorce, which was ultimately dissolved in February. The pair share a five-year-old son.

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