Man With The World's Largest Penis Has Registered As Disabled

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A 54-year-old man has registered as disabled after his massive penis has prevented him from holding down a steady job.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from has a 18.9 inch penis, which is believed to be the largest in the world. According to The Sun, he said it hinders his ability to have a job, and must rely on his local food bank and government handouts.

"I cannot wear a uniform like anybody in the companies and also I cannot get on my knees," Cabrera said. "I cannot run fast and so the companies think badly of me. They say that they will call me, but they never do."

Cabrera said while the government has finally recognized him as disabled, it isn't enough for him to sustain a decent lifestyle.

"Every four months they give me some economic assistance but it is not enough. I visit the food banks every day to take my meals at 12 'o clock," he said.

Ideally, Cabrera said he would like to find a career in the porn industry, and has already received interest earlier this year.

The creator of "YouPorn" and the "FakeTaxi" series told TheLADbible he already had a plot line for Cabrera in mind.

"We would fly him over to Prague and he can come see our doctors and nurses at our," he said. "We would make the scene quite comical, and would get a female doctor and two or three nurses all trying to have a go on it. He would have the time of his life. Everyone would want to see the scene for sure, whether they would get off on it is another matter."

However, not everybody believes Cabrera achieved the world record without cheating.  

In 2015, Cabrera had his penis examined by doctors who verified his claims. However, they said its massive size is largely contributed to Cabrera's foreskin.

"Our findings on the CT scan were that he has very large foreskin, it goes almost to the knee," Radiologist Jesus Pablo Gilmore said. "The glands themselves are only six to seven inches from the pubic. It doesn’t go all the way through the foreskin."

Doctors also said Cabrera began enlarging his penis when he was a teenager.

"He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his penis with some weights and trying to stretch it," Dr. Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said.

According to the Daily Mirror, several doctors have recommended surgery to bring Cabrera's penis size back to normal, Gonzalez said he has refused.

"We have advised him 'Mr Roberto, the best thing for you is that the doctors give a normal shape to your penis so that it doesn't hurt you, in order to have sexual relationships, in order to have children," Gonzalez said. "But he doesn't accept it, he'd rather have a penis bigger than the rest of the people."

Jonah Falcon, who has an endowment of 13.5 inches, said because Cabrera has physically stretched out his penis, it shouldn't be considered the largest in the world.

"His penis isn't 19 inches." Falcon told The Sun. "Doctors have acknowledged this and said he could have a normal sex life if he is essentially circumcised."

Falcon said even though he's not directly competing with anyone, Cabrera's claims are "pathetic."

"I think it's ridiculous and he seems kind of desperate. No matter how big he is, it's not going to change the fact that I'm 13.5 inches." he added. "If you can't use it, what good is it for?"

Cabrera hasn't let people's negative comments affect him, as he said he to be officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the man with the largest penis in the world.

"I am famous because I have the biggest penis in the world,” Cabrera said. "I am happy with my penis, I know nobody has the size I have. I would like to be in the Guinness Book of Records but they don’t recognize this record."

What do you think about Cabrera's massive endowment?