Man Kept His Daughter As A Sex Slave For Decades, But That's Not The Worst Of His Crimes

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IBTimes UK / Bishop Accountability

A father is meant to provide love and safety for his little girl, but when either of those are taken to an extreme, it will leave a traumatizing impact on any child.

At an early age, Antonia Bulacio was abused by her dad, but when he kicked her mother out of his house, her life turned into a living hell.

"From the moment my mom left home I became my father's wife," she told local reporters.

Antonia is not the only one who has gone through such an ordeal. Josef Fritzl held his daughter, Elizabeth, captive for 24 years in the basement of her large family home in Austria. He is now serving life imprisonment for the abuse inflicted upon his daughter.

57-year-old Domingo Bulacio, dubbed "The Monster of Villa Balnearia," has been sentenced to jail for 12 years for multiple sex crimes after a trial at a court in Argentina.

During those 22 years of terror, the serial rapist was keeping another secret hidden from public knowledge.

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