Man Spends $140,000 To Freeze His Family So They Can Be Brought Back To Life In The Future

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A Wisconsin man plans to freeze his family-of-five in order for them to be brought back to life in the future.

Dennis Kowalski has spent $140,000 so his wife Maria and their three sons, 19-year-old Jacob, 17-year-old Danny, and 16-year-old James, can be preserved in a vat of liquid nitrogen when they succumb to their demise.

Kowaski, 49, is a paramedic and the president of the Cryonics Institute, a not-for-profit company that aims to give people a "second chance at life" following their death.

According to Daily Mail, after a person is declared legally dead, Cryonics immediately preserves the human body at a low temperature through a simple process. The body first is cooled in an ice vat, before their blood is replaced with antifreeze solution. It's kept in a vaporized cooling chamber until science has advanced enough to bring them back to life.

However, the procedure isn't cheap.

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