Man Commits Suicide After Wife Refuses To Give Up TV Remote

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Have you ever had a disagreement with someone over what to watch on TV? It's the kind of thing that can drive a massive wedge between two individuals for the pettiest reasons, but if you're someone who takes TV VERY seriously, it might not feel petty at all.


Maybe you wanted to curl up on the couch with your partner and catch the latest episode of The Walking Dead, only to have them look at you like you have two heads, and then demand that you join them for yet another episode of The Big Bang Theory (for some reason).

Chicago Tribune

OR, maybe you had your PVR full of episodes of NCIS to catch up on, only to find out that SOMEONE decided to delete them in favor of an entire run of Kitchen Nightmares. How would that make you feel?


Well, apparently man in Bhopal, India was so upset by his wife's refusal to share the TV remote, that he made a pretty permanent decision about what to do about it...

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