Man Arrested After Leaving His Wife For Their Biological Daughter

Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification

A North Carolina man and his daughter have been arrested for incest after she had given birth to his child.

Steven Pladl, 42, and Katie Pladl, 20 were arrested on January 27 when Steven's wife and Katie's biological mother discovered the consensual affair in her other child's journal.

According to WNCN-TV, Katie had been given up for adoption in 1998, but had reunited with Steven in 2016, after she tracked him down on social media. He had been living with his now ex-wife and their two children, who are Katie's full-blood younger sisters.

The family, who had relocated to Virginia, let Katie move into their home. Warrants for father and daughter report the affair began shortly after.

In November 2016, Steven and his unnamed wife legally separated, with the latter filing for divorce five months later. They received their divorce decree in June 2017.

Steven's ex-wife later told authorities before she moved out of the shared family home, her former husband would often sleep on Katie's bedroom floor.

After she discovered the incestuous affair, she reported the relationship to child welfare workers in Virginia. They began conducting interviews, where the former couple's young daughters said they had been told their father was also the father of Katie's son.

Reports also show Steven told his children to refer to Katie as their step-mother.

Steven and Katie were arrested last November after they wed in Maryland. The couple moved to North Carolina soon after.

Steven's ex-wife told WNCN-TV she believes her former husband brainwashed Katie into pursuing the relationship.

CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said this case entails an incredible unique set of facts.

"A judge will have an opportunity to decide whether this statue makes this conduct illegal because of moral and religious ideas or science and increased chance of birth defects," Stone said.

"What should the penalty really be for people who are both adults and consenting to a sexual relationship even though it's illegal in Virginia and most other places?" he added.

The pair will be tried in Virginia as Steven and Katie were living there when the relationship first began. They were both issued a $1 million bond, but as of February 5, only Katie remains in jail.

Along with incest, the couple have also been charged with adultery and contributing to delinquency. If convicted of incest, the can be incarnated for up to 10 years.

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