Man Arrested After Abandoning Obese Wife In Bathtub

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A man has been arrested for abandoning his obese partner in a bathtub for 10 days until she died.

The man, known only as Guenter S, is accused of leaving his 326 pound wife, Simone W, while she was wedged in the bath at their home in Beckum, Germany.

Instead of calling for help or facilitating the rescue himself, Guenter, 58, allegedly just spent a week providing her with snacks, drinks, and medication, The Sun reports.

Authorities weren't called until 10 days later, where they realized Simone had died 48 hours prior.

Since the revelation, Guenter has been charged with "abandonment resulting in death," with a spokesperson stating police believed Simone had been calling for help.

Public prosecutor, Ralf Hinkelmann, also said the defendant "left the victim helpless, ignoring her cries for help.”

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