Maid Livestreams Her Own Brutal Abuse At The Hands Of Her Boss

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Maids fall victim to abuse in several countries around the world. Many times, they are not believed when they speak up, causing them to suffer in silence.

A maid's desperation to end her abuse led her to livestream the brutal beatings she had been enduring for months. The video has gone viral, leading to global outrage. The unidentified maid, who is from Indonesia, streamed a nearly 12 minute video on Facebook Live as her boss hit her and threatened to kill her.

The video starts with her employer, a 79-year-old Chinese woman named Pang, standing over her and scolding her. But the scolding gets increasingly violent as she expresses annoyance at what the maid is saying.

After a few minutes, the older woman places her hands around her employee's neck and pushes her hands into her face. As the argument continues, the old woman starts to slap her, saying, "I don't like you."

Several times, during the video, the poor maid is heard saying in her native language, "Oh God, I'm being smacked. I don't accept her speaking this way to me."

Her boss hearing these words get even more upset and hits her as she says, "Why don't you speak Chinese? Why are you speaking this other language? I don't understand."

The older woman also threatens to kill her and tries to physically drag the tearful maid off the bed. The video ends with Pang saying, "I would hack you to death if I don't have to be sent to jail."

After the video was posted on Facebook, hawk-eyed social media users shared it over 24,000 times.

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