A Video Of Her Being Bullied Went Viral, And now A 10-Year-Old Girl Is Dead

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It's no surprise to learn that kids are finding new ways to bully each other.

Many children are now shamed and harassed on popular social networking sites to the point that they secretly end their lives.

Parents are left shocked and confused about how this was unnoticed by school staff, and shocked even further when not much is done to tackle this major issue in schools.

The parents of an elementary school girl were devastated after their daughter confronted an alleged school bully, which resulted in an altercation that was recorded and posted on a popular social media app. This recording upset her daughter so much that she decided to end her life.

Fifth grader Ashawnty Davis from Aurora, Colorado was described as a happy girl by her mother, Latoshia Harris.  

She spent two week on life support at Children's Hospital Colorado before she passed away on November 29.

Now her parents want to change the way a school system approaches online bullies.

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