Kim Jong Un's Only American Friend May Be Preventing All-Out Nuclear War

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Imagine having the weight of the free world in your hands? While Dennis Rodman may have retired from basketball, he's still blocking any "nuclear free-throws" from North Korea's tyrannical ruler.

Rodman is a five-time NBA champion who played for a wide variety of teams throughout his professional career, and was known as a brilliant defensive player, earning the nickname "The Worm" for his agility.

His defensive tactics may be needed now more than ever, as the United States and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seem to be on the brink of war.

In 2013, Rodman traveled to North Korea to meet with the Supreme Leader while hosting a series of basketball exhibitions. He was one of the first Americans to have ever met Kim, and not long after described him as "a friend for life."

He met with Kim five more times that year, and visited the East Asian country this summer in order to deliver gifts to the leader of the regime.

But there is a growing controversy surrounding the basketball star's ability to negotiate with the dictator, and what that means for American - North Korean relations.

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