Man Killed By Drunken Neighbor Who Mistakes Him For Home Intruder

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Fox 4 / KPLR 11

In cases of mistaken identity, the punchline comes from one simple detail that leads to a misunderstanding of epic proportions, and this tale is no different. This story would almost be a funny one, if it hadn't ended so tragically for one Missouri homeowner.

After a bout of drinking, one man tried to drunkenly enter his house, only to find that it was locked.

This would be a cause for concern for most, as no one wants to be caught outside their own home on the best of occasions.

However, keep in mind that the temperatures had dropped, and the notion of sleeping outside was more than fool hardy, it was actually dangerous.

So Michael Augustine, despite his intoxicated state, continued to pound on his front door, utterly confused as to why it was not opening with his key.

Imagine his surprise when he noticed movement going on inside, and this turning into shock as a complete stranger then opened up his door to interrogate him on his own threshold!

Perhaps we could understand what happens next, even though it led to the untimely death of a veteran - and an innocent man.

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