Kevin Spacey's Brother Unveils New Disturbing Allegations Against Star

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The world was stunned when Kevin Spacey not only admitted to sexually abusing a minor, but revealed that he identifies as a gay man.

Spacey was instantly vilified for his actions, and was dropped from House of Cards, All the Money in the World, and his talent agency.

Much of the controversy came from the way that Spacey seemed to excuse his behavior by announcing his sexual inclinations, which the LGTBQ community says falsely links homosexuality with child abuse.

However, that doesn't appear to be the end of the pain that the actor has wrought on the people around him.

In a dramatic tell-all memoir, his brother, Randy Fowler, divulges the explicit details of his family life. This includes the dozens of times he was raped by his father at the age of 14 (the same age as Anthony Rapp when he was molested by Spacey) and the many times his brother has slighted him over the years.

Fowler is Spacey's 62-year-old older brother, who works as a limo driver and celebrity impersonator. He wants to share his story with the world to bring himself closure from the abuse he suffered in his youth.

He outlines the many lies that Spacey told, including when he claimed stories of childhood trauma as his own.

"He stole my identity," Fowler says. He lists the time he burned down his sister's chicken coop, or when he broke the leg of a classmate in military school, both of which he received severe beatings for.

"He’s a liar. It’s because his life was uneventful he was coddled by my mother and ignored by my father," he explains. "It might seem like nit-picking but I suffered this and it made me who I am today and my brother has no right to claim any of this stuff is his - it’s beyond belief."

Fowler says that Spacey may try to hide his actions behind the so-called "troubled-past" that he experienced, but that there is no excuse for his actions.

"All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it’s all for nothing because he’s worse than my father," says Fowler.

The book reveals that Fowler was emotionally abused as a child, but it wasn't until he turned 14 that his father began molesting him weekly.

As his mother did nothing to stop it, there was an occasion where he loaded his father's gun and was prepared to turn it on his parents to stop the attacks. His father was a noted Nazi sympathizer who kept a German Luger in his closet, the same gun Fowler was going to use to protect himself.

Randy Fowler (left), Thomas Fowler, Father (right)The Sun

Fowler says that his mother would do nothing, and that she had a "creepy" relationship with his younger brother.

"She used to hang all over him like a cheap suit, it was disturbing," he says. "I wish my mother would have given me a tenth of that love and affection."

Not only were they inseparable, but Fowler says the jealousy Spacey felt got to the point where he refused to buy him a plane ticket to say goodbye to their mother after she lapsed into a coma.

Kevin Spacey (center), with parentsThe Sun

"When he finally let me come I remember I was sat next to her and he literally pushed me out of the way because he didn’t want me next to her - he was so clingy and jealous," he says. "By then my mother was in a vegetative state so I never got to resolve anything or have the conversation about my abuse - Kevin stole that from me."

The pair have been estranged for years now, but Fowler knows exactly what he would ask his brother if they were to communicate again.

"If I could ask him four questions they would be ‘What went on between my mother and you? Did my father abuse you? Why did you abandon me for 40 years and lastly am I in your will?"

Fowler wasn't surprised when the world began learning about the monstrous behavior Spacey was being accused of.

He recounts the times that his brother acted cruelly to the people around him for real or imagined slights.

When two of Fowler's fans approached him for autographs, while the two brothers were eating, he happily obliged, but Spacey seemed jaded.

Later that evening, when a group of women came up to Spacey for a photo, he lashed out at them in a rage, swearing and telling them to leave him alone.

“I’ve never seen three or four women so hurt," says Fowler, who broached Spacey on his reaction. “He didn’t care and it made me [realize] that this wealth and power this man has accumulated has made him very arrogant.”

The memoir is also meant to help survivors of abuse realize that their stories can be heard, and that there's hope to heal from the past.

“The whole point of the book is kick harder, scream louder scratch deeper. Somebody is going to hear you,” he explains. “Come out from living in the shadows and break the chains of silence and shame of abuse.”

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