Judge Tells Court That Defendant Is Not Guilty Because "God Told Me"

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One defendant thought she was off the hook thanks to a higher power, when a judge said he was directly communicating the will of God to let them go.

Judge Jack Robinson stopped the proceedings in his courtroom as a jury was deliberating on a case regarding the prostitution of a minor.

The Texan jurors were examining the case against Gloria Romero-Perez, who was accused of trafficking her 16-year-old niece for sex.

As they were reviewing the case, Judge Robinson entreated the jury to ignore the evidence and heed his divinely inspired words.

"God told me the defendant is not guilty," he told them. He knew he was asking a lot of them, but he excused himself by saying, "When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it."

The jurors were shocked by his warning, and considered their options.

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