Judge Instantly Made A Ruling After Something Fell Out Of A Defendant's Hat

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A  man in Colorado made a hapless blunder when he appeared in court for a bond violation on a felony drug charge.

Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca, 43, was standing in front of Eagle County Court judge Katharine Sullivan - with two other defendants - when a when a square piece of folded paper fell out of his hat.

According to Valid Daily, the faux-pas occurred when Bibriesca stood in front of the court's podium and took off his hat in a display of courtesy.

Unsure which of the three defendants dropped the narcotics, authorities would have to review the court's surveillance to determine the culprit.

After discovering the cocaine belonged to the not-so-smooth criminal, Bibriesca was immediately whisked back to the county jail, where he was later charged with two more felonies for narcotics possession and another bond violation.

Unfortunately for Bibriesca, his latest charges could be the least of his worries.

Born in Mexico, it's reported Bibriesca entered the country illegally, which means Immigration and Customs Enforcement may be paying him a visit.

While absurd, this isn't the first time someone's lunacy has sent them to the big house.

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