Joanna Gaines Demanding $150,000 To Help In Court Case

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Chip and Joanna Gaines might be the busiest family out here right now! Between filming the last season of their show, Fixer Upper, getting ready to welcome their fifth child, opening their first restaurant, and operating a furniture line, the Gainses definitely have a lot on their plate.

Being involved in so many things, it's hard not to get caught up in some drama. The couple was sued in 2017 after a former client on "Fixer Uppers" blamed them for a drunk driver smashing through the house. Kelly and Ken Downs claimed it was the Gainses's (their company's) fault for putting their house in a bad neighborhood.

“It’s like the Wild West here. There’s been a lot of commotion coming from the bars and the store across the street,” Kelly Downs said. “It’s been a problem from the beginning. We’ve lived here a year and a half and we feel deceived by the city of Waco and Magnolia Realty.”

Downs believes Magnolia Realty shouldn't have shown them property in such a bad neighborhood, and believe they were deceived by the company. Downs says some people in the neighborhood resent the couple because of how it affects everyone.

“We have been intimidated and harassed,” Kelly Downs said. “People have complained about their taxes going up because we moved here. Store owners have complained about taxes.”

Now, the Joanna Gaines is involved in another lawsuit, but she refuses to participate unless she gets paid some serious cash.

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