Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Wants Case Reopened Over "Biased" Judge

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Former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle, has asked for his case to be reopened after accusing the judge of being bias.

According to TMZ, Fogle, 40, claims Judge Tanya Walton Pratt was prejudice against him, as she has two teenage daughters.

In 2015, Fogle was discovered to have over 47,000 sexual images on his computer of young girls. He was accused of having sex with two underage girls as well.

Shortly after, the disgraced Subway ambassador pleaded guilty to the charges and sentenced to 15 years in jail, along with a $175,000 fine, forfeiture of $50,000, and $1.4 million of restitution towards his victims.

Since then, Fogle has made other failed appeals to be released from prison. Most recently, he argued he should never have been charged with conspiracy (which he also pleaded guilty to.) He claimed the charge shouldn't have applied to the "basic alleged crime of distributing sexually explicit pictures of minors."

"The court failed to address the Notation of 'conspiracy' and the contention of such," Fogle wrote in his appeal. "The statuteā€¦ clearly offers no provision for charging a party with 'conspiracy.'"

Fogle also argued against being charged with "four counts of travel in foreign commerce for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor."

He said the charges were undeserving as he never traveled out of state to have sexual relations with an underage girl, nor did he take the illicit pictures himself.

Pratt called his appeal "frivolous" as federal law specifically covers his convictions.

Now, Fogle is using a new angle in a bid to reopen his case.

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