Man's Obsession To Look Like David Beckham Cost Over $25k And Nearly Killed Him

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Jack Johnson has spent years trying to look like his idol. He hasn't just cut his hair like him, he went through several surgeries to completely transform his face. However, his obsession almost killed him.

Johnson spend over £20,000 ($26,000) getting tan injections, lip fillers, cheek and chin enhancements, and Botox in his forehead. He even went to the extent of getting dental veneers to have teeth that would look more like soccer player David Beckham.

Johnson is only 21-years-old, and said that the surgeries were paid for with his Disability Living Allowance, bank loans, and borrowing money from his brother.

He still has over £14,000 (nearly $20,000) worth of debt and is trying to pay it off. He says he learned his lesson after his obsession turned for the worst when it nearly cost him his life...

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