5 Internet Hoaxes That Successfully Fooled Us All

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The Independent / Indiana Public Media

Look, the internet is a confusing place. It's not always easy to tell what is in fact real and what is made up by people looking for a laugh. That's why we have prestigious news organizations who file through all of these preposterous stories so that they can share it with you in trust. At least, that is what is supposed to happen.

Sometimes things can get past even the most diligent news editor, and it just makes it that much more funny.

"Houston, We Have A Problem"

Who else remembers being REALLY terrified that this was a thing? I mean, if any state could handle a shark problem, it would be Texas (not to be messed with), but still pretty frightening.

Except despite all the attention from the media and Twitter, it turns out that this was a Photoshop job gone viral. End of story, fin.

National Aeronautics and Sex Agency?

If you thought it was hard enough to achieve lift-off on Earth, just imagine the difficulties you'd face in zero-gravity. Well according to a "leaked" report, NASA was testing an out-of-this-world Kama Sutra.

But they weren't. While I'm sure a few astronauts have thought to themselves just how inter-planetary coitus would work, the agency isn't about to start releasing their tactics publicly, just yet anyways.

She 'Bearly' Escaped This Encounter

Imagine wanting to film yourself doing some cool stunts on your snowboard, and then checking the footage after to see you had an unexpected witness. This video had hearts racing asking if she was safe or if she would check her surroundings better next time.

However, there is no need. Turns out, it was two videos put together to create a hairy situation. Whew!

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