Town Builds Bigfoot Statue To Celebrate The Legend They Believe Has Been Visiting Them

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It doesn't matter if you are a believer or not, because driving by this statue will have you looking over your shoulder for the next few days wondering if that sound was just a stick breaking, or something more...

The small town of Whitehall, Vermont has been known as a hot spot of sightings for the mysterious creature that roams the forests of North America.

A large number of residents in the area believe that Bigfoot can be found in the mountains surrounding their region, in fact, most of them have their own story of seeing the 'Beast of Whitehall" themselves.

The love of the legend had one business owner inspired to legitimize the tourist industry by means of public decoration, and people have been driving in from all corners just to see a manifestation of the urban myth.

And it's no small wonder, the statue itself is a marvel, and the reaction from locals has been particularly vocal.

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