New Study Shows There Is A Time Limit For How Long Sex Should Last

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Doctor Oz

How long should you and your partner's good ol' love making go on for?

A survey taken by Saucy Dates revealed some interesting insights into the question we all try to figure out with our partners.

You'd think the results would depend on each individual, but there's an average that men and women around the world agree on when it comes to pleasurable sex.

Another question that often runs through the minds of new couples is how often should they be having sex?

A study done by the University of Toronto revealed that quality is better than quantity, and once a week is the ideal amount.

After learning about the ideal amount, more people were curious to know the elements that make up pleasurable sex, and that led to the question of how long sex should last?

A 2005 study found that sex lasts for 5.4 minutes on average, not taking into account foreplay, female orgasm, and non-heterosexual sex. And according to researchers, that's not enough time.

The study initially compared how much men from different countries exaggerate their bedroom performance, but then it revealed some interesting information...

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