Groom Gets Rude Surprise When Gun Discharges Into His Crotch During His Reception

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Firearm safety is a pretty serious deal. Whether you're on the side of people being allowed to own guns or not, what everyone can agree on is that if you're going to be the owner of a firearm, you need to educate yourself on proper safety precautions to avoid something awful happening.


Plenty of incidents happen on a near-daily basis where someone's child picks up a gun that has not been properly stowed away, and ends up hurting themselves or a member of their family. Incidents of someone accidentally being shot because someone wasn't being careful with their own weapon happen even more frequently, and ultimately some people end up learning a very hard lesson about being careful around guns.


However, a groom in Egypt likely got a lesson he really didn't deserve, seeing as how during his reception, a firearm held by one of his guests accidentally discharged and shot him in the penis...

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