Funeral Home Accidentally Cremates The Wrong Woman's Remains

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When one of our loved ones passes away, we entrust the care of their remains to the trained professionals at funeral homes and cemeteries. We expect that they will do everything in their power to ensure that our family member's remains are treated with the utmost respect in line with their final wishes. This is all true, but sometimes mistakes can happen, and when they do, boy can they be doozies.

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The Serenity Funeral Home in Nova Scotia, Canada has found itself in hot water this week after it made a massive mistake with the remains of several different women. When the family of Sandra Bennett, who had recently passed away at the age of 65, showed up for her memorial service, they realized that the wrong woman's body was lying in the casket wearing Bennett's clothing.

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Bennett's family immediately notified the funeral home of it's mistake, only to have the staff assure them that they had indeed placed the right body in the casket.

The situation gets even worse from here.

After finally admitting that there was a mistake made, they went back to find out what they had done with the actual Sandra Bennett. The staff then brought out a second body, which also wasn't the proper remains. The family that was there to grieve were obviously beside themselves with anger and confusion.

Serenity Funeral Home then went on a massive hunt to figure out what had happened to this poor woman's remains. It turns out there was a good reason that they couldn't find them, because they had accidentally cremated her, even against the wishes of her family.

The regulatory board that oversees funeral homes has opened an investigation into exactly how and why this was allowed to happen.

There are just some mistakes that can't be fixed.