Former Mobster Gets 8 Years In Prison For Setting Car On Fire In 'Road Rage'

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Daily Mail

You would think that the days of mafia-style revenge for insulting a mobster were over, but you'd be wrong. One driver found out the hard way that you should always be careful when cutting people off in traffic, because you never know who is behind the wheel.

Vincent Asaro is an old-time mobster with deep connections to the underground criminal world. His life has been one of violent crime and high-stakes robbery, but until a few years ago was spent in retirement.

That all changed when a driver unwittingly cut him off in traffic and sparked the idea of vengeance in Asaro's heart. He tracked down the owner's information and had members of the Bonanno crime family torch the car as revenge.

When he was presented before the courtroom, the US Attorney and District Judge both let Asaro know this case was not just about the angry decision of an elderly man, it was about the heinous crimes of his past.

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