Fire House Under Investigation After 3 Separate Families Reveal Children's Cancer Diagnosis

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Firefighters are known for risking their lives, but usually their families are kept safe. However, one fire hall is experiencing a completely bizarre coincidence with their firefighters's families that has people wondering how it's even possible.

In the last five years, a fire house in Hawaii has had three different firefighters announce that they had a child who was diagnosed with bone cancer. The most recent one was just a few months ago and it's starting to make the people believe that this is more than a coincidence.

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Captain Andrew Fukuda from the fire house admits that "it's startling," and that they are starting to suspect that there is something more to the diagnosis.

"This is not really a coincidence," Fukunda said. "When it happens three times at the same station to our firefighters' children, everybody's concerned. Everybody's concerned about it."

It started in 2013 when a four-year-old girl, Sky Racoma, was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called Ewing's sarcoma. Luckily, she is now in remission.

Ten-year-old Kala Peter, was the second child of a firefighter diagnosed with bone cancer. In 2014, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, but unfortunately she passed away in 2017.

But that wasn't the last time that the child of a firefighter from this same station would get sick...

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