FBI Reopens Cold Case Of Alcatraz Escape After Receiving Desperate Letter

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Daily Mail

It was the headline that shocked the nation and left authorities and historians baffled, even to this day. In June 1962, three inmates at the supposedly "inescapable" Alcatraz prison island in San Francisco Bay did the impossible, and managed to break out of the most secure facility in America at the time.

The escape was believed by authorities to have failed, as experts claimed it was impossible for the prisoners to have swam across the harbor onto land. They claim the trio must have drowned in their attempt.

However, over the years rumors that the inmates survived and got away have been appearing, and now it seems that the last surviving inmate has offered to turn himself in.

John Anglin was sentenced to 20 years inside the island penitentiary with his brother, Clarence Anglin. There they met with Frank Morris, all three of them bank robbers, and planned their infamous escape.

Now, after 56 years, the FBI have received a letter supposedly written by John Anglin himself, saying he needs their help and he's willing to go back behind bars to get it.

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