Japan Has An International Fart Festival You'll Want To Attend

Festivals exist around the world to celebrate a multitude of causes. There's a baby jumping festival, a mud wrestling festival, an air guitar festival...I could go on and on. It appears as though there's a scene for everyone to celebrate what they love.

Except for one group. For years, people who love smelling farts have been vilified and ostracized by members of society who wrinkle their noses at the thought of this fairly harmless hobby. Thanks to the growing trend of individualism, fart lovers finally have a festival where they can rectify this stinky situation.

Everyone Listen to the Farts of Beautiful Women Party Vol. 2 is a festival being organized in Japan to celebrate national girls' day and, you guessed it, farts. A quote from a truly classic press release gives a rundown:

"All 120 million fart fans across the country, we are sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Back by popular demand, ‘Everyone Listen to the Farts of Beautiful Women Party Vol. 2’ will be held! Buff! Puu! Buree! Buha! Psuuuu!

Why don’t you experience all of your favorite farts live? Lefkada Shinjuku is the only place in the world where you can stimulate your senses of sight and smell with beautiful women delivering various styles of farts!!"

Miu Akemi will be stinking up a stormmatome.naver.jp

Special guests are three farting stars, Miu Akemi, a veteran who graced the stage at the first Fart Festival, Tomoka Akari and Saiko Yatsuhashi, who is known as the Queen of Farts.

The festival will feature events like the "onarap battle", where competitors will freestyle rap and end their verse with a fart. The best rectal kiss-off will win the competition.

Festival attendees will purchase a ticket which will allow them a free drink and a chance to smell the flatulence of beautiful performers.

The organizers do warn that some of the performers may disappoint eager sniffers, saying, "Please understand that depending on the physical condition of the performers, farts may not come out."

Early bird ticket holders will also receive a special fart present. The fart festival will be happening on March 3rd in Tokyo. If you're thinking of attending, we'd advise you to grab a gas mask on your way in.