8 Most Excruciating Ways To Die, According To Science

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Death itself is scary enough, so no one wants to know exactly how or when they'll go. In my opinion, the best way to die is in your sleep. Painless.

The concept of death got me thinking though: What are some of the worst ways to die? Science has an answer:

1. Dehydration

The average human body is around 50-65% water, so it makes sense that to deplete yourself from this essential liquid there could be some devastating consequences. You've probably felt a little dehydrated some time in your life, but if you were truly dehydrated (like you didn't drink a sip of water for days), the cells of your body would start taking water from your organs. Then one by one your organs would start to shut down as toxicity levels start to rise. The reason why dehydration tops this list is because it doesn't happen instantaneously. It takes at least two weeks until the body dies.

2. Decompression

If you've ever gone diving, you know how important it is to ascend slowly. Decompression sickness can also happen in a pressurized aircraft and in space. If air pressure drops dramatically, a human body can basically explode. Once there's a pressure leak, human blood will start to boil until it dissolves, making it extremely difficult to breathe. After that, the body will cramp up. This has actually happened to a crew of divers. In 1983, four divers were inside a decompression chamber when the air pressure suddenly dropped. Their organs were reportedly scattered everywhere.

3. Dismemberment

I remember watching a documentary about ancient execution methods and the concept of dismemberment gave me nightmares. Executioners would tie each limb to one horse, and then the horses would start running until the limbs tore out of the body. It's gruesome! There have been cases where people were dismembered using cars. Simply horrific, this is definitely one of the worst ways to go.

4. Burning

Most of us fear death by burning alive because it's not an unlikely way to die. Fire is a natural phenomenon, and it could happen at any second. If you've gotten a sunburn, you know how badly it hurts. While third degree burns are not painful, since nerve ending are basically gone, the process of it is excruciating. Once you start to smell burnt flesh, your organs will start to fail and that's the end of it.

These next ones make me want to stay put in my room!

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