Elvis Presley's 62-Year-Old Paper Cup From A 1956 Concert Is For Sale And The Bidding War Is Intense

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Everyone remembers Elvis Presley as the King of Rock and Roll, but how much would you be willing to spend on a piece of memorabilia from him? Every year, people flock to Graceland to try and experience a piece of the magic that he possessed, but what if you could bring that home with you?

There are so many people worldwide who are obsessed with Elvis, and would stop at nothing to have a little connection to him in one way or another. Some lucky fans have the memories of their times at Elvis concerts to think back on, but his newer fans may not have the same experience.

There was one particular concert that is currently the source of a lot of attention thanks to one tiny piece of memorabilia that is left over that has fans fighting to own it.

On April 19th, 1956, Elvis performed a concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While the concert was a huge success, it left people a little bit nervous over public safety. Even Elvis was quoted in the newspaper as being afraid. "I get scared when the audience starts hurting each other. That's why I stopped giving autographs. The bigger kids run over the smaller ones and I'm always afraid they'll get hurt."

In the article it specifically states that he gave this interview while "sipping a concession stand Coke from a paper cup" and now, over 60 years later, that paper cup is in the news again but for a completely different reason.

It's up for auction, and people are willing to spend a lot of money for Elvis's trash...

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