Doctor Drugged By Strippers Doesn't Have To Pay Strip Club Bill

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41-year-old bachelor Dr. Zyad Younan visited a strip club hoping for a good time. He ended up with a $135,000 tab and a lawsuit.

Dr. Younan visited Scores strip club in New York on multiple occasions, for “services, food and beverages.” He signed each of his bills without question.

“He spent a lot of money,” club rep Steven Sabbeth said. “He was partaking and tipping and drinking.”

However, upon closer inspection, Younan came to the conclusion there was no way he could have spent that much money, and that he must have been drugged.

NY Post

He filed a lawsuit against the strip club, saying he was taken advantage of.

“[Younan claimed] he was drugged by plaintiffs’ employees and thus did not authorize the charges,” according to the suit.

“We have it on tape,” Sabbeth responded. “Within two weeks, he was here four times. So if he was drugged the first time, I guess he liked it. This happens every once in a while — people get out of control with their credit cards, and then they wake up the next morning and realize what they’ve done. They knew it the night before, but I guess it didn’t bother them because they were enjoying themselves.”

It was looking like a case of buyer's remorse, at least until the strippers came forward.

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