Dr. Phil Accused Of Giving Drugs To Addicted Guests

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Dr. Phil got his start through Oprah Winfrey, who is one of the most influential people in the entire world. There's an inherent trust for anything Oprah recommends, which is why we all love Dr. Phil and his calming advice.


But what we often forget is that Dr. Phil is not currently a licensed psychologist. Sure, he has a Ph.D, but in 2006 he retired his license to practice psychology. According to the California Board of Psychology, however, Dr. Phil's show is "entertainment" as opposed to psychology, which is why he can keep doing what he's doing.

Dr. Phil has always been looked at as a savior, paying for treatments and trying to solve family issues for years. However, a new investigation conducted by STAT News suggest that he's actually the instigator, not the peacemaker.

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