Doctor Arrested After Giving Hundreds Of Children Partial Vaccine Doses

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From the moment you welcome your child into this world, they become the most important part of your life. You do everything in your might to make sure they're protected and their needs are well taken care of.

Unfortunately, there are times when you think your child is in trusted hands, but instead they're put in harm's way and there's very little you can do about it.

Hundreds of parents in Florida are living one of their worst nightmares after they were informed that their children may not have been receiving the adequate dosage of vaccines, which means that they're not fully protected from potentially dangerous diseases.

To make matters even worse, the Florida Department of Health revealed that it is very likely that some of the syringes used to administer these vaccinations were not sterilized. This could lead to some serious infections and severe adverse reactions, so officials are asking parents to monitor the site on which their children were vaccinated.

Dr. Ishrat Sohail, the pediatrician allegedly responsible for giving these partial doses of vaccines to more than 500 children, has since been arrested and her medical license has been revoked. She was held at Seminole County Jail but posted bail the same day, according to WFLA.

The Florida Department of Health launched an investigation into Dr. Sohail's practices in January after officials discovered used single-dose vaccines in the refrigerator of the office where she worked. The vials were for vaccines that are supposed to prevent Hepatitis A, HPV and whooping cough.

It was also revealed to the public that this wasn't the first time that Dr. Sohail has gotten into trouble with the department.

The first time Dr. Sohail was suspected of mishandling vaccines was in 2016. The department has reason to believe that she was involved in Medicaid fraud, and was giving patients on private insurance the vaccines meant for those who were uninsured or on Medicaid.

After looking to the issue, she was suspended from giving vaccines for two months, but was then granted permission to resume with limited access to vaccines.

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It was during a follow-up visit in January that the department officials spotted more red flags that ended up getting her arrested and charged with Medicaid fraud. It's unclear what other charges she could be facing at the moment since the affected families are still being notified.

An employee told CBS affiliate WKMG-TV that the doctor refused to report two cases of the flu because she did not want to draw attention to her malpractice.

The department recommends that the parents of Dr. Sohail's patients consider revaccinating their children.

They're urging everyone who was treated by Sohail and her staff to contact the Department of Health-Orange epidemiology at 407-858-1485.

It's really awful when a trusted professional who is supposed to look after your well-being is the one who exposes you to danger. I really hope these kids will turn out fine and that these parents will find peace of mind as this case unfolds.

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