This Family Took Their Kids To Disney World By Selling Dead People's Body Parts

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It may be the place where dreams come true, but one family's journey to the magic kingdom came straight out of a nightmare.

A family-run funeral home in Colorado has received a lot of flak from the media when word got out that the owners were taking parts of bodies that were supposed to be cremated or buried and salvaging parts before selling them off.

The Sunset Mesa Funeral Home is owned by Megan Hess, and is strangely located next to Donor Services and a crematory, also owned by Hess.

Now, one former employee has accused the family of unsavory practices, after she discovered that Shirley Koch (the owner's mother) was apparently removing gold teeth from bodies and selling them for a profit.

According to the source, the selling of body parts had become so profitable for the family, that Koch was able to take her family to Disney World solely from the profits of dismembered bodies.

What is most shocking about these revelations, is that they may not be breaking any laws...

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