One Man Has Defied Death From Within The Bermuda Triangle Thanks To Doritos

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It's a question that every workplace worth their salt will ask you in an interview. If you are shipwrecked, what are three things that you would take with you to ensure your survival?

Many people choose things like, a sharp knife, a tent, or their favorite celebrity, but would any of these really guarantee your safety?

Well, one man now knows what three things really takes to make it out on the waves, but they probably aren't the first things most people would reach for.

Samuel Moss Jr., a young Bahamian man was sailing around the Caribbean when he found himself in a life or death situation when his boat ran out of fuel in the middle of a storm.

He set out sailing through a chain of islands on January 13, before getting caught in the rough seas.

When he was finally found by a fellow boater, he was near the coast of West Beach, Florida, nearly 300 miles away from his destination in the opposite direction, and had the strangest story of survival.

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