Woman Complained Of Stomach Pain For Decades, Doctors Discover A Dead Body Inside Her

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I've heard of people having stomach pains and then doctors finding surgical equipment, BBQ wire brush bristles, or some other strange stuff inside them, but never have I heard of a dead body.

I can't even imagine having bones resting in abdomen for decades! Ouch! This story will shock you, and have you questioning the human anatomy.

A Pain In The Belly

For 36 years, Kantabai Thakre had a skeleton inside her body without even knowing it.

After becoming increasingly concerned for her health, she decided to go to see a doctor at the age of 60.

Doctors found a lump on her abdomen, and were concerned that she had cancer. An MRI scan revealed that her pain was caused by bones inside her.

What they discovered left her even more sick to her stomach...

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