U.S. Customs Seizes Over 200 Pounds Of Contraband Bologna. Yes, Really.

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The notion of contraband being brought into the United States is one of the biggest issues regularly faced by both U.S. Customs and Border Security. Sure, we all have a story about the time that a border officer was just a little too picky and inquisitive about one particular thing we decided to bring back with us from our vacations, but at the end of the day, the service keeps some pretty awful stuff from coming into the country.

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Of course, contraband isn't always what we expect it to be when we hear the term. You probably think of things like illegal drugs and substances when you hear that, right? Well, turns out a lot of other things are considered contraband as well. Things like illegal animal furs, illegal animals in general, prohibited foods, certain farming utilities, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things are apparently routinely almost smuggled into the U.S.

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So, it looks like we can now add bologna to that list; a massive portion of the popular lunch meat was recently seized at the U.S. - Mexican border!

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