Criminal Fails At Hide & Seek, Immediately Arrested

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While there have been some very impressive instances of major heists and large-scale crimes being pulled off over the years, most of the time, criminals tend not to come off as the most intelligent of people. In fact, there's a long and storied history of criminals choosing some pretty stupid means of trying to evade the law.

New York Daily News

Whether it's terrible excuses for why they did what they did, impossible alibis to explain where they were at the time of the offense, or best of all, trying to run when they have no chance in Hell of getting away from the cops, these criminals provide for some pretty entertaining escapades, especially when they inevitably show up on an episode of Cops.


However, this most recent story has to take the cake. A man broke into the house of someone he was warned to stay away from, and when police caught him, they found him hiding in possibly the worst place he could have tried to hide: still in the house that he had broken into.

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