Couple Of 73 Years Forced Into Separate Nursing Homes Days Before Christmas

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Dianne Phillips/Facebook

An elderly couple were forced to say a tearful goodbye after they were forcibly separated into separate nursing homes.

Audrey and Herbert Goodine have been together for 73 years and married for 69. They spent the last three years living together at the Victoria Villa Special Care Home in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada.

However, following a resent assessment on 91-year-old Herbert's health, it was determined the senior's dementia had advanced enough to require a higher level of care. His nursing home could no longer accommodate him.

The couple's daughter, Dianne Phillips, was told on Dec. 15 her father needed to be relocated to a home 45 minutes away. On Dec. 18, Herbert only had the opportunity to give Audrey a quick kiss before he was whisked away in a van to his new residence. Audrey stood by the window, and watched him go.

"My dad, when we left the Villa yesterday and we headed away, he just kept saying, 'Why do they have to do this now?' And my mother, she would say the same," Phillips told Global News.

Outraged, Phillips took to Facebook and addressed the public with her complaints.

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