Couple Arrested For Giving Their Son Fake Cancer Diagnosis

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It's no secret that the tough economy and rising prices have been taking a toll on families across the nation. While many are taking on extra jobs to supplement their income, some are looking for the easy but illegal way out.

A couple in Florida took it to a whole another level when they came up with a money making scheme that involved the exploitation of their child as well as strangers from all over.

Robert Long, 47, and his wife, Ginny Irovando, 34, were desperate for some cash, so they convinced their 13-year-old son that he was suffering from terminal brain cancer. They spread his story to the public so they could collect donations to cover his "medical expenses."

NY Daily News

Long and Irovando set up an online fundraising campaign on GoFundMe in the fall of 2017, so they could solicit for funds. According to a statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, the con couple also "set up a T-shirt fundraiser for the boy at his school last year and shared the bogus cancer diagnosis information on their Facebook accounts as well."

"In a post [on] December 28th, investigators say Irovando claimed it was a miracle the boy had lived three days past Christmas and the only person that knows when he is supposed to go is God,” the statement added.

Somehow the pair got away with their plan for months before officials became aware of their scam.

So how did their plan get foiled?

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