The Curse Of A Famous Statue May Finally Be Broken

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Sports fans have the weirdest traditions. Some like to wear their jerseys everyday for luck, others only eat certain foods during playoffs, and the widely popular fad of growing out facial hair until fortune changes for a favorite team.  

Superstitions are at their highest in a city that has faced years worth of strife when messing around with the paranormal forces of their townships' unusual history.

The story dates back to a "gentlemen's agreement" made by the Philadelphia Art Commission centuries ago to never construct a building taller than the hat on the Billy Penn statue atop City Hall.

The founder of Philadelphia watched throughout the ages as his sprawling metropolis rose to new heights, however, it seems that he was a little miffed by the broken promise.

In the 1980s, professional sports teams in the city began a mysterious losing streak. Fans were searching for some reason to explain the sudden wave of bad luck. That's when someone pointed out how a new skyscraper flagrantly flew in the face of this historic agreement.

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