Car Loses Control and Smashes Into Second Story of California Dentist Office

First responders couldn't believe their eyes when they pulled up to a car crash in Orange County on Sunday morning.

Sticking out of the side of the second story of a dentist office in Santa Ana, California, was a white Nissan that had lost control and crashed into the building.

One of the two people in the vehicle was able to get out after the crash, while the second had to be rescued by the Orange Country Fire Department.

The dental office was closed when the crash occured and authorities don't believe anyone was inside at the time of the accident.

After being transported to hospital, both passengers were treated and released.

New footage of the crash have people scratching their heads about how this could actually happen.

When the vehicle crashed into the building, it caused a small fire, that was quickly extinguished and crew began their work of removing the car.

A local business released surveillance video that shows the car zooming through four lanes of traffic, hitting the median, and launching into the second story of the building.

When the Santa Ana Police Department arrived on the scene, they charged the driver with a DUI, but the passenger wasn't found with any wrongdoing.

Source: People