Group Of Tourists In Cambodia Facing Prison Time After "Dancing Pornographically"

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When you vacation in another country, it is always important to know the laws and customs of that nation. People will remember Otto Warmbier, who suffered serious trauma while in a North Korean prison. He was accused of stealing a propaganda poster, which all tourists were warned was a crime, and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. Two months after Warmbier was put in prison, he suffered a severe brain injury and fell into a coma. North Korean authorities claim this was as a result of botulism and a sleeping pill, though U.S. physicians found no evidence of this.

After 18 months in captivity, Warmbier was released to the United States, but tragically died six days later. It was wildly speculated that Otto Warmbier was beaten, tortured, and potentially poisoned while imprisoned.

Otto Warmbier was returned to the United States 18 months after he was put in a North Korean prison.Sam Greene/The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP

While everyone felt for Warmbier and his family, some were quick to point out that there are always consequences for your actions.


A group of ten tourists in Cambodia are learning this lesson the hard way, after their "pornographic dancing" could land them in prison for more than a year.

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